ICGCES   2017

The International Conference on Gender Equality, Culture, Education & Social Sciences - 2017 is one of the largest conferences in the field of Gender Studies , Culture, Education and Social Sciences.
It is held every year under the encouragement of the International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation in collaboration with different universities and educational institutions.
The Conference is designed with Special Invited Research Lectures, Paper-Presentations and Poster Presentations. Each International Conference on Gender Equality, Culture, Education & Social Sciences - 2017 publishes a peer reviewed UGC Approved - Social Sciences International Research Journal issue with ISSN 2395 - 0544 and Peer Reviewed Arts & Education International Research Journal issue with ISSN 2349 - 1353 .
Also an Edited Book on Gender Equality, Culture, Education & Social Sciences with ISBN as each full paper as a Chapter .
Gender Equality :
Original research papers on Women’s Issues like Education, Leadership, Safety, Health, Empowerment, Challenges and/or any topic in relation to women’s and gender studies. Papers from activists, social workers, representatives of NGOs, Government institutions, scholars, and the general public - including men - are welcome for presentation at the Conference.
Culture :
Advancing technology for humanity, Biopolitics, Critical discourse analysis, Cultural anthropology, Cultural criticism, Cultural diversity, Cultural geography, Cultural governance, Cultural heritage, Cultural policy, Culture and globalization, Culture and society, Culture industry, Culture studies, Cyberculture, Diaspora identities, Difference, Digital humanities, Ecological humanities, Ethnicity, Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums, Gender studies, Geopolitical thoughts, Human rights, diversity and justice, Humanities, technology and sustainability, Identity, Immigration, Intercultural communication, Language and culture, Metaphysics, Philosophy, ethics, consciousness, Popular culture, Religion studies, Sustainable development and humanities, Interdisciplinary approaches to cultural studies, Other emerging issues related to cultural studies
Arts :  
Aesthetics, Arts and technology, Arts education, Art history, Contemporary trends in art, Dance, Design
Digital media, Documentary, Film studies, Folk art, Gallery management, Interactive design, Literary arts practices
Media arts practices, Musicology, Performing arts practices, Policy and management of arts, Theatre, Theory and criticism of Arts, Visual arts practices, Interdisciplinary approaches to arts, Other emerging issues related to arts.
Education : 
Accreditation, Arts & Humanities, Blended Education, Business Education, Contemporary Issues in Education, Curriculum, Distance Education, E-Learning, Early Education, Engineering Education, ESL, Health Education, Higher Education, International Education, K-12 Education, Language Education, Professional Development
Secondary Education, Special Education, Social Sciences, Teacher Education, Teaching Methods, Technology, Tenure
Social Sciences :
Also original research papers on Social Sciences, Anthropology, Communication Studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Political science, Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work are invited for presentation at the Conference.
Submission of Papers
Participants intending to present papers at the Conference are requested to submit a soft copy of the Abstract (200 Words). Full papers should be submitted if interested in publication (neatly typed in MS word format with 1.5 line spacing 12 point Times New Roman font on A-4 size paper). The motivation, method of solution and important findings of the investigations undertaken should be clearly outlined and sent to gces2017@gmail.com​​