International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation, Vijayawada, India is basically a Non-Profit Organization and is a Unit of Ratna Prasad Multidisciplinary Research and Educational Society (Govt. Regd.) founded by Dr. Ratnakar D. Bala, Director and Editor-in-Chief IMRF International Journals is known to be actively involved in promoting the realm of research, education 

and philanthropy for a new world order. Sri D.V. Prasad Rao, Chairman, IMRF is a humanist faithful apostle of education and research together with an absolute commitment towards service to human species. Smt Nimmagadda Mary, Vice-Chairperson is the patroness rendering the best of her passion towards Human Values and Ethics to be inculcated in the arena of Education and Research pertinent to IMRF motto and work culture. Members of IMRF are witnessed to observe its mission and vision running through their heart, mind and soul in letter and spirit. IMRF is ranked to be in the forefront in the promotion of education with cutting edge interest, active action research and service with a smile to human concerns performing the way it believes in for a better world .

Chief Patron

Sri D Vara Prasada Rao

Chairman, IMRF



Smt N L Mary

Vice Chairperson, IMRF


Conference Chairman

Dr.Ratnakar D Bala

Director (Academics)

IMRF, Vijayawada, India.


Conference Coordinator

Dr.J Bajaj, UNESCO Expert


Advisory Committee    

  • Dr. Lellis Thivagar, Madurai Kamaraj Uni

  • Dr. P B Reddy, Vikram Uni, Ujjain

  • Dr. Pankaj Srivastava, MNIT, Allahabad

  • Dr. Tarni Mandal, NIT, Jamshedpur

  • Dr. Srinivas , Kanchi University

  • Dr. D K Daniel, SMU China

  • Prof. Fransisco Alcala, Mexico

  • Prof. Vijaya Vani, ANU, Guntur

  • Prof. Tabhita, Vijayawada

  • Dr. Jeya Rani, American College, Madurai​ 

  • Prof. Mrinalini B Chavan, Mumba